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We are moving!

Thank you for all the support from our Lakeside Mall customers.

Watch our website for our new location coming soon!

Please order our amazing coffee from our website.

We ship within 24 hours!

We tasted coffee from roasters all over the USA and finally partnered with a roaster right here in Michigan! They agreed to roast to our specifications and standards and most importantly were willing to incorporate all of Denise’s flavors in the roasting process!

We are proud to be the premier coffee shop at the Lakeside Mall.  Many of our regular customers have asked for the ability to buy online and therefore we have launched our webstore. For our new customers that have found us via search, we bring our fresh roasted coffee into our shop twice a week.  It is always fresh.  Our coffee will never have a burnt after-taste.

We look forward to shipping our incredible coffee to your house for your enjoyment. 

Coffee Bean Plus ONLY uses 100% SPECIALTY GRADE Arabica beans!

Roasted in Michigan ~ Grown Globally

100% Hawaiian Kona

100% Hawaiian Kona

100% Authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee... spectacular aroma, a mild yet exceptional body and a sweet, d..


100% Bali Blue Moon

100% Bali Blue Moon

Grown On The South Pacific Island Of Bali In Volcanic Soil Among The Orange And Tangerine Trees. Pro..


Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

Warm Enticing Flavors Classic Pumpkin, Subtle Cinnamon Spice, Sweet Brown Sugar. Perfect Flavor To A..